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How to Dye Your Beard

How to Dye Your Beard in 9 Easy Steps (A Simple Beard Coloring Guide)

A common thing where all the people are starting to experiencing after a certain period of a stage is gray hair.

This thing shows that you are getting older as your ages are passing. In general, millions of men across the globe are used to facing this issue and feeling difficult to face the mirror with grey hair.

However, it mainly indicates the sign of getting older. In this case, people are seeking for the best level of solution like hair dye for your hair where you can dye your beard as well.

If you are looking for the best maintenance of beard to look better and then beard dye is considered to be the great solution in order to hide your aging more easily.

In case, if you are feeling difficult to handle your beard after getting older, then you don’t need to be worried about it. Yes, beard dye will take a stand and get ready to help you in this crucial stage.

So, before going to coloring dye your beard, it is important for you to follow that how to Dye Your Beard reviews.

Temporary or Permanent Dye: What Your Select?

It is all about your choice to select the temporary or permanent dyes and it is also essential for you to know the differences.

Let’s check out the differences between these two dyes.

Temporary beard dye:

It is the dye that doesn’t go in like how the permanent dye delivers the outcome. Only the hair shaft will be getting colored and also don’t result with chemical reaction.

This dye can be faded in quick time while shampooing. However, still, they offer you the best result.

Permanent hair dye:

When it comes to permanent dye, it just not results for weeks or months but it results with permanent stuff.

In this case, it is important for you to choose the right color according to your convenience and apply it.

The dye contains the oxidizer like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide for the best result. It is mainly coming up with a number of colors to choose from.

Should You Dye Your Beard?

how to dye your beard

It is such a natural thing where we are getting older and one cannot found reversing thing in an aging process. Once you crossed the years, then it is difficult for you to get back to the same period.

However, you can easily manage it with the help of Dye and make your look as younger. In case, if you have an idea to change the color of your beard, then you dye your beard.

In general, one can find a lot of reasons to dye their beards.

Here we are going to have a discussion about some of the main and common reasons that why most of them are taking over a track towards dye your beard for most of the time.

However, it is also considered to be the main things to know about Dye Your Beard reviews.


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Following are the factors to analyze before dying beard

It’s a matter of Aging:

Most of the men are losing their confidence as the first stage of grey color hair gets a front-runner.

But the fact is most of them are conserve the appearance of a youngster as much as possible and will be seeking to grow a beard faster.

You want to change your look:

It isn’t much complicated here where all the men grew with a beard which contains a natural color.

People who all are seeking a change in terms of look, then you people will get more confident than expected.

However, you can also bring out the change that contains a lot of power with the help of a pink beard or navy blue beard.

It’s a Job/Career Thing:

In the current scenario, youngsters are highly seeking the best level of an environment when it comes to the workplace.

At this stage, when the aging process starts to appear, then people may expect the solution to maintain their look.

This could be the main reason that men often used to prefer dye your beard reviews in order to maintain the appearance of a youngster.

However, millions of youths are seeking for the safeguard in the name of dye to maintain their job status after a certain stage.

Also, one can try homemade beard dye as well for the better result.

You’re willing to take the time:

One should keep it in mind that dye your beard will not be going to affect it in any condition.

However, we all know that it will take only a few minutes to dye and groom your dye as a routine in the morning.

If you are the one who is caring for a life by following a proper schedule every morning, then you can dye your beard and make it stay for many weeks.

What color should I choose?

homemade beard dye

Once the decision to dye your beard is taken, then it is the right time for you to choose the suitable beard color.

Most of the people are choosing the color in terms of matching the hair color of the head. In case, if you are bald, then it is all up to you to choose the color for your beard.

So, whenever you need to change your beard color, it is possible for you to change the color without any hassles.

If thinking that you are the only person to opt out the dye your beard, then you are wrong.

A huge number of people across the globe found their way by choosing the right color.

One should keep it in mind that choosing the facial hair dye is considered to be a trickier to handle as they are completely different from head hair when it comes to handling it.

For some of the people, thus the beard hair is drier and for someone, it is rougher. In this case, thus the dye absorption when it comes to facial hair is trickier like as we mentioned earlier.

However, to cover the grey hair, you can also choose a dark dye for a good result. For even better outcome, consuming best vitamins for beard growth is essential.

How to Dye Your Beard in 9 Easy Steps

If you are a beginner or struggling to dye your beard for a long time, then you accept the challenge to dye your beard in an easy way.

Here we are going to share the essential steps to follow.


It is considered to be the first step that you need to gather all the required materials. Keep it in mind that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

  • Beard Dye
  • Applicator
  • Tint remover
  • Paper towels
  • Rubber gloves
  • Vaseline

Do a sensitivity test

When it comes to the sensitive test, you need to mix up a dye and apply it to the not-noticeable place of your body and leave it.

Now, after 1 day, you can wash the place with soap and check where you found any redness.

This thing proves that your skin is very much sensitive to that specific dye and go ahead to opt out another one.

To wash or not wash your beard

should i wash my beard with shampoo

Image Credit: murdocklondon

It is essential for you to wash your beard before going to dye your beard. Yes, it will be helpful to remove the dead skin cells during the time of nurturing the hair follicles.

For your information, this thing will also claim the clean beard that helps the hair in terms of retaining the dye.

However, before going to dye your beard, you can trim or groom it as per your wish.

Provide Protection

When it comes to preventing the dye from leaking on your skin while applying, you can then apply a thin layer of Vaseline.

Also, it is important for you to keep your hands on the irritation. In this case, you need always wear the rubber gloves for better protection.

However, thus the dye will generally be staining the clothes. In this case, you can wear the old pair of pants and go ahead to apply the dye.

Preparing the dye

It is the main thing that you need to follow. All you need to mix up the ingredients in the available tray which mainly comes up with dye.

It is important for you to keep it in mind that you do not need to apply the dye when it comes to beard.

As per your wish, get ready with your preparation in order to cover your beard. After the successful mixing, you can tip your brush and apply it on your beard.

Apply your dye

Once the mixing of your dye is completed, now it is the time for you to dip the brush tip in the dye and apply on your beard.

Make sure to apply the dye deeply to cover all the patches which are visible. Without dying on your skin, try to cover the entire beard’s hair.

Wait and test

Make sure to check out the instructions which are available on the package that you need to follow before going to applying for the beard.

All you need to wait for the allotted time and then proceed further to do the color test with the help of paper towel to clean the small portion of the respective dye.

It the stuff is not that much thickness, then you can add more dye to get the thickness. Based on this, you can see the darkness of the color.


If you are satisfied with the respective color, then you can follow further to rinse the beard with the help of cold water until all the dye has mainly washed out.

Now, it is important for you to dry it with the towels after the water looks clear.

Wash it

Once the instruction is followed, it is important for you to wash your beard. However, you can use shampoo which is highly safe and also useful in terms of handling the hair.

Maintaining your Beard

Generally, when it comes to dye your beard, it requires a lot of patience as well as commitment.

However, if you are looking for maintaining the facial hair, it is not that much hard as you think.

Let’s have a look at some of the essential things while caring your beard of all the time.

 Use a beard oil:

If you are looking for facial hair growth oil, then it mainly helps to soften your beard after the rough hair thing due to chemicals.

Also, you need to keep a beard growth kit along with the beard oil must be included.

Shampoo Carefully:

When it comes to rinsing it, it requires shampoo after a certain point in time. But the thing one should keep it in mind is to need to purchase the quality beard shampoo for the better maintenance.

Keep on top of it:

We are all very much aware that the beard may grow fast. In this case, it is important for you to check out whether grey hair grows.

At this stage, you need to touch up here and there where you see the grey hair occasionally. All it requires only a few minutes to handle.

Touch it up:

As we all know that most of the dyes are said to be the temporary stuff where you need to apply after every few weeks or months.

So, once the grey color hair found, all you need to touch it up with dye for the better appearance.

Be patient:

If you are looking for a beard to grow, then it requires a lot of patience to maintain for the better outcome.

However, you can find some of the health benefits to experience. The thing one should keep it in mind is don’t expect the same color as per your thoughts during the first attempt.

However, once the hair grows, you can see that the dye gets faded.

Another Things That Should Be Remember

  • If you are very much new to dye your beard, then instead of trying yourself, you can proceed further to visit the nearest salon and get to know more tips and techniques offered by them. Also, their advice will be helpful for you to follow the right way.
  • When it comes to expecting a better result, then you need to wait until your beard reaches the respective length. Instead of going to apply for a short beard, you can go for a long beard for the better result.
  • Generally, it requires a lot of commitment and involvement in terms of applying the dye for the beard. However, it also requires a lot of patience in order to handle if you get any patchiness and itch in the midway of dyeing your beard.
  • To bring out the natural color through the quality dye, it needs a lot of time. In case, if almost all the hair covers with grey hair, then start to follow the strategy of how much dye it requires to cover. Based on the thickness, thus the result will be perfect for sure.
  • You can also find the way that if you want to play a character role of an older guy, then you can use spray-on color at any time which mainly offers the coverage even after the dark hair grows.

So, these are some of the main things that you need to follow, if you are planning to dye your beard.

3 Best Beard Dyes for Men   

Hope you are very much aware of bearding your dye and bring it on the respective look which requires.

If you are the one who is looking forward to knowing some of the high-quality products to purchase, then here we are sharing the three best beard dyes to make use of it for men and along with that trying Facial Hair Supplement may work well as a safeguard.

Refectocil Cream Hair Dye (Natural Brown)

refectocil cream hair dye reviews

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It works well and one can use it for eyebrows and sideburns as well.

However, it works huge as a beard dye and offers the long-lasting effect up to six weeks.

If you have sensitive skin, then this beard dye could be the best dye where one can make use of it.

Before going to apply a dye, it requires to check out the instruction and follow it.

When it comes to applying a beard dye, then all you need to wait for 10 minutes after applied and go to the shower.

Just For Men Mustache & Beard Brush-In Color

just for men beard dye

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This could be one of the best selling dying products in the U.S.

The main thing about this dye is it will offer you the best result and gains a lot of praise for the result it provides to the users.

Generally, it will mainly offer the long-lasting result along with the natural looking color.

This dye is mainly available in the market that comes in a gel form and it also helps you to apply deep for the better outcome.

It also results in quick time as all it requires to apply which is easier.

Henna Guys Pack of Dark Brown Henna Hair Color

henna beard dye reviews


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It is considered to be one of the best beard dyes where you can purchase it. It will offer the natural beard dye which contains some of the herbal stuff as well.

When it comes to henna color, it doesn’t seem too harmful as many wants to apply this beard dye.

All you need to leave your beard for 2 hours after applied and then rinse it with water.

However, you can also use it on your mustache and scalp hair. However, it will be used for both men and women and offers
protein for beard growth.


If you are a novice person who wants to dye your beard and bring some attractive facial look, then you are the right place where you can make use of it by following the above stuff.

On the other side, people who all are struggling to dye their beard, for a long time, then the steps are given here will be helpful for you for the better outcome to experience.

Also, it is crucial for you to find the beard growth vitamins.

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How to Dye Your Beard in 9 Easy Steps (A Simple Beard Coloring Guide)
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How to Dye Your Beard in 9 Easy Steps (A Simple Beard Coloring Guide)
So, before going to coloring dye your beard, it is important for you to follow that how to Dye Your Beard reviews.
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